Port services with competence and dynamism.


The Sealogic Stevedoring, formed on 1st October in the year 2001, represents the consolidation of a dream of its owner. With determination and hard work, with more than 20 years of experience in the port area, and a team of employees committed to quality, ethics and professionalism, Sealogic has secured a prominent place among the leading providers of port services at the Port Paranagua.

Besides the extensive experience in providing services in foreign trade, its officers maintain good relationship with Customs, Revenue Department, local authorities, warehouses recipients, among other companies in the segment.

We work in all areas of the port segment, especially in the area of customs clearance, preparation of shipping documents, delivery of general cargo and bulk export and import operations, where we follow the process from loading into the interior, logistics tracking, receiving, unloading, and storage until your departure or landing.

Some advantages offered by the company

With flexibility and dynamism, structure and tailor our expertise to the specific needs of our customers. Based on professionalism and ethics, we seek excellence in our field, combining appreciation of our employees and partners with ongoing investment in the most modern information technology.





Porto de Paranaguá


Provide quality services with a focus on expected results for our clients, acting with professionalism and ethics in order to establish and maintain productive partnerships and long term.


Social contract registered in the Commercial State of Paraná NIRE 41204674518 on 01 October 2001, and the indefinite duration of the Company.